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When she was nominated for an Emmy yet again this year, it occurred to me that it might be amusing for us to stroll sluttishly down memory lane together and discuss the most important role of our youth — and how it shaped her as a professional thespian.

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Long time, no chat! Are you on set right now? It was a very interesting experience. Kind of horrifying. Full plaster? Full plaster, full silicone. I had little holes for my nose and eyes. It was really claustrophobic. I would absolutely never be able to do that. A nightmare.

By the way, congrats on the Emmy nom! Where were you when you found out? I was at the dog park, walking the dog. I spend a good deal of my time there. The dogs were not amused.

Dominion High School Press

Or is it kind of icing on the cake at this point? Have you seen my category? Oh my God. We did. What a hilarious thing. Urinetown, right?

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  • No, it was the student-written play! Oh, I thought we were in Urinetown together. Am I insane? I played a slutty secretary twice, then! So did I, actually. We were typecast.

    But how amazing that we went to a high school that had a program like that? That gave students control over their own storytelling at such a young age and trusted us to put on a full production in our pretty substantial high-school theater. What do you remember from it? I remember my name was Gertrude, and I think you had a similar name. I have this vivid memory of us standing backstage, waiting to go on in these nightgowns. We had to wear, like, sheer nightgowns onstage. Oh my God, yes, I do remember that. And I think I was a junior and you were a freshman, right? I remember my callback for it.

    But I was just relieved to be in it. Even as a slutty secretary. How do you draw on your experience as Slutty Secretary No. But we have one on Marvelous Mrs. Maisel , and I get to hate her a lot because my husband cheated on me with her! Very full circle. To be totally honest, now I have a much different relationship to that word. Such a terrible word that I could never use now. I mean, the whole thing is a relic. I know! I know. What other plays were you in in high school?

    For some reason, I thought we were in that one together, too.

    Bayside High School

    No, I was very sad about it. I was trying to figure out what to do with that season, that winter. So I joined the wrestling team. Hahnel said the yearly exam scores helped highlight the achievement gap for educators and policy makers. Human Resources Research Organization, or HumRRO, an independent evaluator, was commissioned by the state to review results of the exit exam each year since the program began.

    Urban Dictionary: that's so high school

    Its reports have generally been favorable, linking increased graduation rates and overall academic proficiency to the exit exam. Graduation rates climbed, dropout rates declined, and successful participation in college entrance exams and Advanced Placement exams rose. HumRRO also reported that the exam has prompted schools across the state to create remedial opportunities for students who needed help passing it.

    Still, HumRRO acknowledged that although scores for some minority groups, low-income students and English learners continue to improve, these students continue to lag significantly behind their peers. Students subject to the exam requirement — particularly low-achieving students whom the exam might have motivated to work harder in school — learned no more between 10th and 11th grade than similar students in the previous cohort who were not subject to the requirement.

    The study compared 11th-grade scores on California Standards Tests, or CSTs, across years when the exit exam was a graduation requirement with years when it was not. The analyses further suggest that the disproportionate effects of the CAHSEE requirement on graduation rates are due to large racial and gender differences in CAHSEE passing rates among students with the same level of achievement.

    The study did not address the effectiveness of the exit exam. EdSource Today reporter Sarah Tully contributed to this report. Click here to cancel reply. We welcome your comments. All comments are moderated for civility, relevance and other considerations. Click here for EdSource's Comments Policy. This makes me so upset. I walked stage participated in grad night and received a certificate of completion in I went back years after and still could not pass it.

    Life got in the way had a child and basically worked with what i can find. Oh top of that the material in the exam was briefly covered in school.

    You'll Find Your People

    Teachers never reviewed the material as thoroughly as it they should if it was going to be on a exam to determine weather a student or not would have received their diploma. It is ridiculous and unfair. I should recieve my diploma. I believe it was unfair exam!

    There moto was "No kids left behind" Liar!!! The system has fail my daughter and many others have been held back from making having better life. I believe a lawsuit should have been filed against school district. This needs to be rectify at the highest level. Please reach out to me and tell me how my daughter could file a petition to give her high school diploma.

    That's So Fetch! The Mean Girls High School Is Being Recreated In London

    Thank you. We have in the last six years had to students who scored perfectly the first time. Last year all 10 th grade students passed both sections on their first try. I attribute this to trying harder to pass on the first try. Our school has 90 per cent low income families and we have a majority … Read More. Our school has 90 per cent low income families and we have a majority of Latinos.

    We need to stop making issues about race and income and start teaching and motivating students to learn.