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In that case, congratulations and a smile are much more appreciated than a solemn look when I return to the bench. Second, enlist the help of your partner during your training sessions. If your schedules permit, bring your partner to the pool with you periodically to time your practice races, count laps, or even shoot stroke videos. I had Bruce shoot videos of my stroke, so I could send them to my part-time coach, and post them on the U.

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Masters Swimming Discussion Forums for feedback. As the critiques rolled in, Bruce would sit down with me to read them. I would then point my flaws out on the video, so he could learn how to spot them from up on deck. Over the past seven years, he has gotten so good at spotting flaws that he can see them in other swimmers at swim meets!

Welcome to 10 years of Great Swim

He can also walk alongside me on deck while I swim, and watch for any flaw I want him to look for in my strokes. Third, get your partner involved as a valued asset at swim meets. In addition, your team never has enough photographers, especially if there are multiple teammates swimming in the same heat. And how about shooting videos at the meet, in addition to taking photos?

Bruce shoots video of my races so I can review them and see where I need to make improvements. In addition, Bruce has gotten to know a lot of my swim buddies over the years, so he has even volunteered to video their races as well. He has become the team photographer at some meets, too! Finally, make out-of-town swim meets about the two of you, not just all about you.

Compromise, and the two of you will be happy when you travel to a meet.

Let your partner have an equal say about hotels, restaurants, and other activities. Fortunately, our interests overlap, so I was overjoyed at his desire to travel to Quebec City! Make the goal for you and your partner to be a team. Give just as much or more support as you expect to receive, and be willing to compromise. Most importantly and one that will have a lasting impact , express gratitude for the support you receive. There are also drops you can use and I have found they work longer than the saliva method, but saliva works in a pinch. Oddly I haven't had that issue in the ocean, but I always have it in the pool.

The water was gorgeous today, wasn't it?

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I'm wearing my spring suit which is perfect for me, but most I've seen are just going with swim suits now. I will be there Saturday or Sunday if we can get up--what time do you shoot for? We go early 6-ish so we can get a parking spot. Re: Looking for a swim partner - La Jolla Cove 6ish? Might be a little early.

I might shoot for 7 on sunday. Will all the parking be taken by then. I swam at noon today. I had forgotten how awful La Jolla can be. Spit, of course, I sometimes think I have to learn everything the hard way. VERY empowering Ron, do they have the pier to cove swim at other times. I have my son in town thru next week, so I am a little crimped socially, but would love to do one of these. Later this week, I will attempt the half mile buoy I got a weird tip that toothpaste is a good defooger. Anyone care to comment on this? Re: Looking for a swim partner - La Jolla Cove. Originally Posted by ericl.

Well, I was able to swim to first buoy and back today I think I will stick with spit. On friday, I will aim for the half-mile buoy I stick out like a sore thumb.

Perhaps we will swim into each other some time. Re: Looking for a swim partner - La Jolla Cove If you try the toothpaste, make sure that you don't use mint flavored - it will burn your eyes a bit!

We've decided to cancel Friday and go tomorrow Thursday instead. Waking the teenagers up at 6 a. Hope you guys have a nice swim. And Ron--great idea about wearing the white rash guard and yellow cap. I have a pink spring suit and yellow cap so The Husband can keep a look out for me.

Yes Anita, it was a mess this AM, even at I had to hunt for a spot. I seriously need to work on my navigation and on goggle maitenance. I was headed to the Aleutians at one point.

10 Ways To Be the Worst Swim Partner Ever | Aquatic Sports

There was a fog and I couldn't see the shores. I kept having to stop and lift my goggles I finshed dead on 40 minutes but felt I could have done 34 if I could just swim When I do the relay, I hope I can follow someone who both knows what they are doing and isn't too fast for me I also need to practice kelp avoidance I need to learn the jargon. I also need to learn the dismount. I have done 3 swims now, I have stumbled around and fallen repeatedly, as if I had just swum the north atlantic Re: Looking for a swim partner - La Jolla Cove Glad you found your way this morning, even if it was crowded.

The only way I'm able to keep on track is to just try to keep my eye on the buildings at the opposite shore. Still, with the swells and tides, I still veer off course--just counts for extra mileage! If this morning was anything like Thursday, the tide is low, which makes for difficult entrances and exits. I was tripping all over the rocks Thursday, while Husband went in fine, just 2 yards over. And kelp? The bane of my existence. The "A" buoy is the one straight out from the beach by the kelp beds.